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Take charge of SWAT missions

Crisis VRigade is a virtual reality first-person action-shooter video game that lets you become a SWAT trooper. Developed by Sumalab, this VR game gives you the opportunity to address terrorist situations and deal with them as a highly-trained member of a SWAT team. You can either play solo or co-op multiplayer with friends to clear the various difficult missions ahead.

Lock n’ load

Crisis VRigade offers different terrorist missions for you to tackle. From bank robberies to hostage situations, you will have to fight your way through locations in order to completely eliminate all enemies within a time limit. Unlike most VR games, you can’t walk freely here. It’s similar to arcade shooters, like Time Crisis, wherein your character gets automatically moved throughout the map, and you’re just supposed to shoot, reload, and take cover.

Here, you have to constantly duck and reload on your own since the game won’t tell you to like in old arcade shooter games. Fortunately, the enemies are stationary and will reload, as well, and you can extend your gun to shoot blindly behind cover. As long as your head isn’t exposed, you won’t take heavy damage. You must shoot the location cards that pop up after you clear an area to proceed.

The timer is on your wrist, and screens scattered around. There are no time bonuses, but you can pick up new weapons by shooting their bubble. Some will require you to adjust your hold. However, note that you should avoid firing at hostages and bombs even though you have AI companions in solo mode. It can still easily be game over if you do. More, expect to do a lot of squatting and kneeling in this game.

A good workout

Crisis VRigade is considered one of the hardest VR shooters around, due to its frenetic action and limited time in each mission. Much of its drawbacks lie in its difficulty since you will be relying a lot on your aiming skills and fast reflexes. There aren’t any powerups to ease the tension, either. However, it can be addicting due to its challenging gameplay and nostalgic feel of the arcade.


  • No need to manually move throughout the map
  • Solo Mode gives you AI team members
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Has co-op multiplayer mode


  • No powerups like time bonuses
  • Much of your combat support is just the radio commands
  • Frenetic action means constantly having to take cover


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Crisis VRigade


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